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Kirlian Photograph of a drop

The very different signatures of the essences are clearly visible: Gold with a strong, concentrating but also harmonizing energy, silver with an opening, dissolving energy and pearl with an equally strong, yet polarizing energy (bright spots in ring).




HFI Photography
After an especially deep meditation, a very good energy treatment or even after the first application of the alchemistic essences, first signs of development of the "energetic finger ring" show up.

before the application

shortly after the application, the finger rings open

ten minutes later, two of the finger energy fields are connected.

The Energetic Finger Ring

In the energy field of the hand, there is an energy swirl located on every finger. These can connect to a single large resonance system - to an "energetic finger ring". So far this phenomenon has only been observed during some meditations and energy treatments, but for two years now, first signs of it develop spontaneously in many people. According to Seidl's interpretation, this remarkable increase of the phenomenon represents an outer "energetic pressure of evolution" that stimulates the people to further develop their consciousness. The reason for his theory: Only if a specific, archetypical topic of life is dealt with, the energetic connection assigned to it stays stable. The result is an energy synchronisation of the person on a significantly higher level than before.

Connection 1 (see figure) between index and middle finger usually is the first to form. While this happens, kidney and liver are under increased energetic pressure. This first coupling of finger swirls, as an archetypical theme, is assigned to the development of relationships.

The second step of ring development is the connection of the little finger (2), and with it the heart.

On the way there, the energetic pressure on the abdomen grows and works on the pancreas. Here, an analysis of the topic 'Love Capability' is needed. The connection between little finger and thumb (Figure 4) calls for the development of a spiritual mind. The connection between thumb and index finger (3) is associated with the development of the will, and the connection between index- and middle finger (5) with the topic of joy/happiness. When those connections form, extraordinary perceptions and sensations, but also physical problems can occur. Typical are: Heat and fullness sensations, vision defects, pressure on the breast bone, tingling or burning in arms and legs, short-term aura vision, precognition of a meeting, hearing of voices and tones as well as the disappearance and reappearance of the symptoms in temporal intervals.

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