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Summary of the LIFE-TEST results
(see also http://www.life-testinstitut.de/news5.htm)

The gold essence „Aurum Potabile“ by company „Solitaire Lab. Network“, Achim Stockhardt, was analyzed for its energetic effects on humans according to the criteria of the LIFE TEST

  • by biophoton analysis
  • by meridian energy measuring (by „Prognos“)
  • by high-frequency, instant picture photography

Final assessment:

    „energetically positive“

    since no negative effects on the human energy field could be observed.

Main tendencies of the energetic effect:

    „energetically settling“

    since higher levels of control were activated.


    since the source meridians of Qi production were stimulated without weakening the other meridians.


1st LIFE-TEST : „Biophoton Analysis”


The tests were conducted as a double-blind trial by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, the discoverer of biophotons and of the scientifically approved biophoton analysis.

The object to be tested, according to the client „Solitaire Lab. Network“, is an alchemistically processed gold essence. For a comparative substance, an alcohol chemically identical to the basic substance of the gold essence was used - that means, according to the client, there is no chemical difference. An equal amount of both substances was put into water.

The water for the three test bottles was taken from the same source after a sufficient outflow to ensure that it was of identical quality. The test substance was added with a standardized pipette so the same amount of drops amounts to identical quantities.

The biophoton analysis was conducted in an electro-lumuniscence apparatus after electric stimulation.



The analysis was supposed to determine whether the substance to be tested has different biophysical properties than a chemically identical comparative substance after an alchemistic production process. The test results are affirmative: The tested substance has a 43% higher biophoton emission than the comparative sample.

This modification has to be attributed to the special processing during the alchemistic production process, since both samples were chemically identical, and thus represents a special property of the tested substance.

Because of its higher emission of biophotons, which also exist in every living cell, „Aurum Potabile“ "Aurum Potabile" is judged as „energetisizing“ according to this LIFE-TEST.


Biophoton analysis
conducted by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, „BIOPHOTONS“,
in the Technology Center and Technology Park II (Technologie-Zentrum und Technologiepark II), Kaiserslautern-Siegelbach, on behalf of the LIFE-TEST institute.

2nd LIFE-TEST : „Meridian Energy Measuring”


16 persons, 9 men and 7 women of different age, were tested before and after ingesting „Aurum Potabile“. One person was tested multiple times during a time period of 4 months. However, this person did not ingest the essence, but carried it with him/her. Skin resistance measuring per „Prognos“ was used, a method to analyze the meridian energy values. The reliability of this method has been confirmed by a study at a German university. In Russia, this method has been approved as an orthodox medical procedure.


The „Aurum Potabile“ shows an unusual, energetic-dynamic property: The test persons did not react consistently positive or negative to the test substance all the time. This is unusual in the measured dispersion, and seems to be a special property of the substance.

Of the 16 test persons, 9 reacted positive, i.e. with an elevated energy level, 6 negative, i.e. with a lowered energy level, and 1 neutral. Women generally showed an elevated energy level, men a lowered energy level. Summed up, the drops in energy level were stronger than the rises.

Unusual was: Usually, the meridians of regulation and of the vegetative system (lungs-, heart-, triple-warmer- and circulation-meridian) are the first to react to a test substance. This did not happen here. Instead, the abdominal meridians clearly showed energetic reactions: Especially the meridian pair kidney-bladder. It is of interest that those specific meridians are traditionally closely associated with Qi, the Chinese life energy. The bladder represents Qi production and the kidneys represent Qi storage. Obviously, „Aurum Potabile“ subtly and directly affects production and storage of the life energy Qi. The stimulation of these meridians is also associated with a mobilization of the subconscious.

Because of the direct stimulation of Qi production and Qi storage, „Aurum Potabile“ " is judged as „energetisizing“ according to this LIFE-TEST.


3rd LIFE-TEST : „High Frequency, Instant Picture Photography”


The tests were conducted by Hans-Christian Seidl, developer of this type of Kirlian electro-photography. The method permits valid statements on account of long years of experience value, but is not scientifically accepted yet.

Three test subjects were tested before and after ingestion of a drop of "Aurum Potabile". For that, a high frequency, instant picture photography (HFI) of the fingertips of one hand was carried out.



After ingestion of "Aurum Potabile", the picture shows a strong increase and collection of endogenic energies.

The strengthening of the so-called "Energetic Finger Ring" is noticeable; in HFI photography, this is a characteristic optical feature for the stimulation of higher levels of control. This phenomenon usually only occurs during intensive meditation or other energetic and spiritual activities - namely always during increased settling of the human energy system. The essence causes more order and connection to higher levels of control. In that, it supports already existing energetic strength resp. connections and thus supports the individual proficiency. It does not elevate itself over individual energetic constellations. This "subservient" effect is evaluated as very positive.

The increase of endogenic energy does not happen at the expense of other areas of endogenic energy, which would be visible in HFI photography as a darkening of the picture. Instead, rare colors like royal blue, turquoise and purple-violet hues appear. This is interpreted as the presence of very highly resonating energies - usually spiritual powers of consciousness appearing during meditation. According to that, the essence causes an opening for very highly resonating, positive, ethereal energies or introduces them by itself.

Because of this stimulation of higher energetic levels of control, „Aurum Potabile“ " is judged as „energetically settling“ according to this LIFE-TEST.


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